The 50shades of Theft Project

*Scroll down to the bottom to read the BDSM disclaimer*

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50shades of Theft

I really, really hate that book!

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50shades Fleeced





The BDSM disclaimer that nobody bothers to read.


When we talk about abuse, domestic abuse, or domestic violence in regards to Fifty Shades of Grey, WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE BDSM ASPECTS. We have repeated this ad nauseum, yet still hear the “you just don’t understand BDSM” arguments.

We aren’t talking about that.

We are talking about Christian’s manipulation of Ana (emotional, mental, psychological, etc… examples are the “I’m fucked up, and you are the only one who can fix me” spiel), the way Christian assumes 24/7 control and overrides Ana’s choices and decisions (even though Ana agrees to being his sub ONLY on the weekends; this control continues even after Christian declares that they will have a “normal” relationship), Christian’s use of alcohol to coerce Ana’s consent, Christian’s habit of stalking Ana even when she asks him for personal space, the fact that Christian isolates Ana away from her friends, the way he punishes her (be it the initial spanking that she was arguably not okay with, or the honeymoon bruising to make her too ashamed to sunbathe, which she was clearly not okay with), and so many other things wrong with his treatment of her…

Also this really important fact: SHE IS TERRIFIED OF HIM AND HIS REACTIONS, AND CENSORS HER OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS BECAUSE SHE IS SCARED SHITLESS OF WHAT HE WILL DO TO HER IF SHE ACCIDENTALLY MAKES HIM ANGRY. (For example: in the third book she goes out for a drink with a friend instead of coming straight home like he wanted, and he tells her “I want to beat the shit out of you” for it.) And if your argument is “you don’t know that she’s actually scared of him,” well stop right there, because in the text, in her incessant inner monologue, she says as much, many, many times.

2 thoughts on “The 50shades of Theft Project”

  1. I can’t believe you went through all of this! This book completely creeped me out right from the beginning. I tried to get into it, but the second the abuse started I knew I wouldn’t be able to promote it with another word. I wish I had known all the things I know now before I ended up in my own abusive relationship. My own book is an anti-50 and deals with what really happens when you falls for a ‘Christian.’

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