Slightly Scattered Supermom

Yesterday was one of those days that makes a stay-at-home mom long for a nice desk job…even though it’s Saturday.

It started with an early wake-up (is there any other kind with kids in the summer??), followed by a wet spot in the (master) bed from a leaky pull-up. Joy.

While I was cleaning up the wet mattress and stripping the sheets, Wyatt found and emptied onto the floor the new bottle of homeopathic cough/cold medicine that was the only thing that FINALLY got him to sleep the night before with his gunky self.

At some point, I finally fed, cleaned, and loaded everyone up for a trip to (anywhere but our house) Walmart to get groceries…and another bottle of the medicine since he was still gunky. That trip went relatively well…except for the constant whining about being hungry (“we just ate breakfast, you had a snack in the car…

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