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Weight loss ads are everywhere. I mean every-fucking-where. They are on the television, the radio, in pop-ups and web page sidebars. On roadside billboards, and in magazines and newspapers. They are being promoted into our Facebook feeds. There are weight loss spam bots on twitter.

Like I said, every-fucking-where.

And I get it, I really do, that these ads focus on the “standard of beauty” and aren’t representing the populace as a whole, or that they are intending to promote a healthier lifestyle, and that obesity is a big problem in America, especially in the southeast.

But. I saw an ad on my fb feed this morning. All credit for the pic below to the site advertising it, dieting-plus (dot) com, because I want no claim to this bullshit.

Quick disclaimer: there are naturally thin people, naturally large people, naturally tall people, and naturally short people, and so on and so forth. Rock on, all of you. My rant isn’t about disgust at the various types of people’s bodies, my disgust is at the advertisement’s insinuations.

This ad said (paraphrasing) “She lost 23 pounds! Click here to find out how!”

The picture on the right was the “after” picture. The results. The “better looking” picture.

The picture on the left was the “before” picture. The one that needed to lose weight.

When I see shit like this…

I mean, I would love to look like the “before” picture. And this ad makes me feel that this woman was not good enough, that she needed to lose all that “extra” weight. Imagine how that makes all 5’11” and 250+ pounds of me feel. When I can’t even reach the goals I want to, and then have a weight loss ad tell me even that wouldn’t be enough.