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This post is shorter than I thought it would be, because the rest of Chapter 6 is just so much fluff. CG is introducing Ana to a bunch of the random guests, and Ana keeps reminding us that they are all in masks, yet she identifies some by name.

I thought part of the point of a masked ball was to allow a certain air of anonymity. Also, I thought it was spelled “masqued ball” to up the fancy factor. But whatever.

In true 50 form, the actual menu is included in the text of the book, and I can’t help but notice that foie gras is on the menu. I mean… I mean! I get that this isn’t a charity auction for PETA, but damn, yo.

By no means am I a vegetarian or vegan, but jeez. This is right up there with veal in the “makes me want to barf” category of food harvesting.


A whole bunch of nothing happens, then we get the list of auction items and their donors. The entire list, including several entries that are never mentioned again.

I know that “show don’t tell” is the catch phrase of creative writing, but it’s not gospel. Here’s what we could have read: ‘I glanced through the list of donations to learn that Christian owns property in Aspen. Holy shit! My mood darkens when I realize one item on the list is from Christian’s own Mrs. Robinson.’

The most amazing thing here though is Ana’s reaction to the fact that Christian owns property in Aspen. She is shocked. She “blinks up at Christian.” I smack my forehead. He’s a fucking billionaire. We can barely cross one page without being reminded of this. Of course he owns property in Aspen.

“Do you have property elsewhere?” I whisper.


At the end of the chapter, in another not-really-dramatic cliffhanger, Ana spends her $24,000 VW money to bid on and win the weekend at Christian’s Aspen estate.

Remember how I conjectured and then backtracked on the idea that he wouldn’t be mad if she donated the money to charity? Yeah, that.

There weren’t any new plagiarism points in this half, amazingly!

Chapter 6 Plagiarism points: 5.

Just a note: at first I wasn’t counting each instance of characterization thievery as a separate plagiarism point, but the book has gotten so ham-handed at describing Ana as Bella and Christian as Edward, that I have decided to count it each time.

All book quotes are from Fifty Shades Darker by EL James unless otherwise noted.