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Today I’m going to rant about the aggravation that is dealing with health care.

By all accounts, my husband’s employer provided insurance is really damned good. So keep in mind as I lay out this bullshit that a lot of people have to deal with even more bullshit than this.

First of all, we pay at least $6,000 a year in premiums. In the end, we pay as much if not more on health insurance than we do on housing.

Bottom line: I’m trying to get my tubes tied. We have three kids, we do not want more. I have a lot of problems with hormonal birth control, so I want the tubal. I’m fucking sick of dealing with side effects that drag me down physically and put me in the hospital half the time.

My insurance says, “oh, this is 100% covered, no co-pay, no deductible, zero out of pocket cost to you.”


My doctor’s office tells me there’s going to be a $600 deductible and a $200 copay. They can’t tell me or the insurance company what billing codes they will use until after the fact, so we can’t predetermine coverage.

Nobody can get on the same page.

And I can’t even get our supplemental insurance to give me a fucking address so that I can mail them a document they require before they’ll even join the benefits discussion.

It’s pretty damned upsetting when you’ve been reassured multiple times that something wouldn’t cost you out of pocket to be blindsided with, “oh, it’s gonna be the better part of a thousand dollars, actually.”

Guess what guys, most people can’t just cough up a grand at a moment’s notice.

If this were an emergency, I’d be dead before this shit gets sorted out. (That’s not even an exaggeration, that’s the kind of shit that can actually happen.)

So I’m just going to sit here at my computer and occasionally cry while I wait for answers that I’m never going to get.