A short while ago, new author July Hall asked me if I would consider reviewing her upcoming erotic romance, If You Want Me, the first book of her Magister series, which is scheduled to release today. (Blurb following the review.)

So here’s what I thought:

If You Want Me follows the not-uncommon premise of “sparks fly when older wealthy man meets much younger woman.” There were a couple of aspects that set this book apart for me, though.

For one, while there are hints that main character Sandra tends to be a spendthrift, she’s not portrayed as the tropetastic cookie-cutter penniless girl who needs saving. Sandra is a fairly average career woman with determination and plans for her future.

Then there’s Charles Magister, the ultra-wealthy older patriarch. Even though he usually seems oblivious to how the non-elite live, he is not seen using his wealth to showboat or make others feel inferior.

While the book didn’t really hook me right of the bat, once I got a few chapters in I found that I couldn’t stop reading it. And I love that in addition to the romance and the drama that are to be expected, there are some genuinely funny and cringe-worthy embarrassing moments.

Possibly one of the best aspects about this book is that it never really veers into the impossible, making it a nice evening read for a quick escapist fantasy.

So if you’re into erotic romance, maybe consider giving If You Want Me a shot.

Pun intended   🙂


So here’s the blurb:

The Best-Laid Plans…
Sandra Dane’s got it all under control. She’s landed her dream job in Manhattan. She’s paying down her student loans and managing not to kill her roommate. And she’s dating her very own Prince Charming, the handsome heir to an Upper East Side dynasty. How could any girl ask for more?

Then she meets the man who sends her life completely off the rails, and shows her that having it all isn’t nearly enough.

A Heart of Ice…
People speak Charles Magister’s name in whispers. After pulling his family back from ruin, the infamous tycoon makes the world tremble before him. But it’s lonely at the top—since the death of his beloved wife, Charles has allowed no one to get close to him.

At least, not until a bewitching young woman walks into his life on his irresponsible nephew’s arm.

From the moment they meet, Sandra Dane ignites him. Now Charles must wrestle with his duty, his conscience…and his deepest desires.

If You Want Me
In this sizzling novel, the first of four, Charles and Sandra know that their attraction can only lead to disaster. But somehow, the harder they fight it, the more irresistible it becomes…

If you want to check it out, you can go to July Hall’s website here.