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A thing that really sucked today is that when I woke up, the sinus plague that I had caught from my children was in full effect. So I’ve spent the whole day with a sore, itchy throat, sinus pain and pressure, and a leaky face. That on top of the med withdrawal.

So last night, as I previously mentioned, I had a thing to go to. It was the yearly dinner my husband’s workplace does. We went, ate, hung out, had fun, I had a few drinks, all was well. It was a good time.

Today, the withdrawal really started to kick in, and for a while I couldn’t stop the shakes. My hands were shaking, arms were shaking, teeth were chattering at times, pretty much my whole body was affected. Now that we’re a little later in the day, the shakes have settled down to a much more manageable slight tremor.

That’s one of the big downers about taking an SSRI or SNRI; they directly effect the chemical balance in your brain (obviously, that’s why we take them), so when you stop, your brain has to recalibrate to its own version of normal. Even though there’s typically no buzz, no high from taking these meds, there’s still a withdrawal period because of how they work.

I haven’t been off the meds long enough to see how my mood is again changed, but I noticed today that in some ways the fog is lifting. Instead of sitting down and actively trying to come up with a few things to do, I’ve had a lot of random ideas just pop up about things I want to do. And the desire to do those things is increasing.

In a few days, I’m going to talk about how anti-depressants effect me, in terms of mood, productivity, and creativity, but I need a little bit of time to put my thoughts together.

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