I got a birb friend. I named him Skittle. Him’s a pretty pretty!

At first he was very skittish and quiet, but now he’s being more active and chirpy. Also, he likes his little swing.


I’ve played with him a little, and took him out of the cage a few times to try to socialize, but his wings have been clipped, and until the feathers come back in, he’s going to be mostly a cage birdie, because cats.

Basically: I hold him, sometimes he tries to cry freedom and fly, he awkwardly flutters towards the ground, I yell, “you daffy bird, your wings don’t work yet!” while going to get him. It’s a process.

Also the cats are just a mess right now. They are used to the rodents, and know that they aren’t supposed to mess with them, but this is a NEW! THING! and they captivated.