Dude, has it really been seven months since I last posted anything? I did not realize, and I did not mean for that to be the case. If anyone has been waiting for an update on the 50shades Pilfered project, I apoligize, and will get to it ASAP.

In case you’re wondering just what in the hell I’ve been doing oh these many months, the answer is, well, a little bit of everything. One of the more time-consuming (not kid related) projects has been refinishing furniture. My husband and I (well, mostly my husband) have been gutting an old house that we will soon be remodelling. So I have been going through our furniture to see what we have and what can be reused or repurposed, and have been refinishing a lot of pieces. (I have this funky idea that instead of building kitchen cabinetry, we will just use old dressers and chest-of-drawers that we have, that way I will have an easy to set up, permanently remodel-able kitchen.)

This is a hobby I used to dabble in, but hadn’t done in years. I found I still enjoy it, and still have a knack for it. So, once I get done with the pieces we will need for the house project, I plan (hope) to make a business go of it.

I’m not sure how well it will work out, but hell, may as well give it a shot, right? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and all that.

So, as for the posting, I’m going to try to start putting up new posts on a schedule. I did that once upon a time, right? Maybe? Close enough? Whatevs.. But interspersed with 50shades of This Fucking Asshole, I will also include some random posts about the house project, because I know everyone is just dying of curiosity about it, and will try to throw in some more Kody Watches, Kody Reads, Bug Watches, etc…. Ya know, mix it up a little.