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Hello my friends! As the title says, I suck, and adulting is hard, and sometimes I suck at adulting. Also, it’s December of 20-freaking-15. Holy shitballs.

My last post (from when, over a year ago?) was me apologizing and promising to do better. So that was a fail.

It is partially because I have been busy. School (the kids, not me, I am done with that), housekeeping, moving, getting close to mental breakdowns… All that fun stuff.

And then there’s the social anxiety. When I started this blog I didn’t expect it to go anywhere, and for a while it didn’t. But then the internet happened and people started to notice. WHICH IS AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU ALL.



Some of ya’ll are kinda scurry though…

So of course I freeze up when it comes to adding new content, and procrastinate, and then something like 2 years passes without anything of substance.

(Hah! I just implied that my normal posts had substance..)

All that’s to say, I will be adding more stuff. I need to finish the second 50shades book because I already started that one (*vomits*). I don’t know if I’ll do book three. Maybe?

And can I not even have to tackle Grey? I mean, we all know about Midnight Sun, so… Plus I think Jenny Trout did that one, so go check out her site.

Oh, and in the meantime SMeyer published Life and Death. Did I read it? Of course! I’m too much of a dork to not have. I might make a post about it, but I’m still undecided.

Speaking of, has EL announced a new Grey themed book yet? Where a young, virginal, MALE college student falls for an older, rich, FEMALE CEO of a major corporation, only to discover she’s secretly a dominatrix… Is that gonna be a thing? Let’s all hope that it’s not a thing. (None of us will be surprised if that becomes a thing.)

Good Lord, I had to cut 300 words out of this post, I am rambling way too much!