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Since I have started watching all of these different Let’s Play videos, I decided to share the fun. Going forward, every Wednesday I’m going to share one or two videos from the previous week that were published by the youtubers I watch the most. These will basically by my top picks for that week (or from any time frame, because me and schedules….).

If you share my sense of humor (and I feel like many of you do…), you will probably enjoy my picks. And then start watching more. And then fall into a YouTube tunnel, only to finally climb out and realize that five months have gone by. You’re welcome!

So for today’s pick: JackSepticEye’s “Surprisingly Powerful.” In this video he plays a game called One Chance (or it might be One Chance to Save the World). This game is super simple and visually basic, but holy shit was it sad.

There’s also a point in the game where a song called Tautou plays. It’s really pretty, so here’s a link to a video where someone had looped it into a full length song.