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I’m going to start doing a series to be posted on (some) Fridays called “Bargain Bin Books.” Yay! Excitement! New ways of punishing my brain!

The idea here is to buy books that have been relegated to the discount section at whatever dollar store I can find them in, read them, and write as fair of a review as possible.


I just hope this image doesn’t become the story of my life…

I originally thought about doing one book per week, but that wouldn’t really be fair to the book (or myself) because there’s other stuff that I’m reading as well. News articles, 50shades (because you like to see me suffer), books for entertainment, so on and so forth.

Since I’m not going to rush through these books in an afternoon just to meet a quota, I’m going to try to put up one of these posts around every three weeks or so. The first one is planned for next Friday, the 18th.

The goal for these posts is to determine if the book is really only worth the paper it is printed on (because, lets be real, discount book prices are typically based on the size of the book, not the content within it), or if it was unjustly booted into the bin.

On Fridays that I don’t publish a “Bargain Bin Books” post, I will be posting something. I make no guarantees as to how long or short that something will be, but you know how much I tend to ramble, so…. Yeah…..

Also, just a random note, it’s two weeks to Christmas and I’m wearing a tank top. Next week it’s supposed to drop below freezing. Because Alabama.

alabama weather

This is the most accurate image ever about how screwed up our weather is.