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I haven’t been adding new posts these past couple of weeks because of the holidays, but starting next week, I will be doing regular posts, hopefully to never again fall into the slump of letting several months pass between blogs.

To celebrate the new year, I decided that I’m going to share some of my new year goals on the blog. Either this will make me more accountable in terms of achieving those goals, or I’ll come back and delete this post in April…

If you want, feel free to share yours in a comment!

Kody’s 2016:

  • Keep this blog updated on a weekly basis. (The schedule I’m aiming for is a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) [As of mid-February, I am failing so hard at this schedule…]
  • Make sure my kids brush their teeth every night before bed.
  • Go to church more often. Read and develop a better understanding of what’s actually in the Bible.
  • Lose at least half of the weight that I need to lose.
  • Wean myself off of Zoloft without losing my mind. [At some point in January I just stopped taking them. Not the best plan, and not recommended, but I got so fed up with it all.]
  • Manage to not have a full-blown panic attack.


Happy New Year! Let’s Party!