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Naps are pretty much an essential part of my life right now, and sometimes I absolutely hate it.

I’ll just be sitting at the computer working on a project, or in my bedroom folding some laundry, or sometimes just standing in the kitchen, and suddenly every time I blink it’s a small battle to open my eyes.

When that happens, I don’t have much choice but to go lay down, otherwise I might fall asleep in the middle of what I’m doing, even if what I’m doing at that moment is walking.

The only positive to this is that on the days that it happens, it’s usually around the same time. It’s kind of an extreme circadian rhythm dive-bomb. But at least I know not to be doing something like driving during that time if I can avoid it. (Some days are much more random though.)

The thing that really sucks about it is that I can’t just take a 10 minute power nap and get back to business. I usually end up losing one, two, sometimes even three hours to a damn nap, and believe me, I have plenty of things I need that time for.

It’s not even so much a “nap” as it is getting “sucked into a black abyss from whence there is no escape until my soul is recovered enough to break free.”

Yeah. That’s accurate.


Me, when fatigue sets in.