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I tend to have random muscle spasms, which the Prozac seemed to lessen somewhat, and today I was stretching and nearly punched myself in the face, so that’s a thing.

Other than that, and the continued sinus plague, I’ve been doing pretty well today. It’s funny though, I’m starting to get so much motivation that I want to do everything, but since I’m sick, I have to remind myself that no, this maybe isn’t the best time to clean the entire house or attempt to rearrange furniture.

There’s also the fact that last week my sciatic nerve was pretty damned aggravated, and I don’t want to upset it again.

I still haven’t hit the non-stop crying mark, but I am a bit more irritable of late. I’m not sure yet whether to attribute that to the med withdrawal or the sinus plague. Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both.

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