Today I went to the local big city, Tuscaloosa, and did a little bit of clothes shopping. (If you live in Alabama, you well understand that we are a wasteland of rural sprawl with a few major cities scattered throughout; my nearest major is Tuscaloosa/Northport.)

People who know me know that this is kind of a major thing. I will literally wear the rattiest, hole-ridden, ill fitting shirts because I don’t like buying new clothes for myself. I generally consider clothes for my children a necessity but clothes for myself as a waste. 90% of the time that I do buy something for myself, it’s from a clearance rack at Dollar General.

Today, I bought myself six shirts AND two pairs of jeans. From Walmart, even. I’M MOVING UP IN THE WORLD.

And it’s an amazing thing, I bought myself a few things that are in new condition and that actually fit me, and I was so happy at the sudden selection of clothing I have.

Also, I was out in public, and I didn’t try to crawl into a random hole to hide, so that’s a plus. We got home shortly after noon (my middle son, the homeschooled one, was with me as usual), and unloaded everything. But here’s where I impressed myself: there were a few food items I still needed to pick up, so we got back into the car and went to the local grocery store.

I willingly went back out into public after spending several hours in public and finally getting back home. As ridiculous and trivial as it may sound, that’s a big damned deal for me, medicated or not.

My back is killing me after all the driving, and I completely wrecked one of my nails, but otherwise it’s been a good day.

Also I had fried pickles lunch.

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