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Last night and today I posted some things on twitter in regards to my search for editing work. I decided to put it all together in a blog post to to also reach out to people who read the blog and like the facebook page.

If I were to start doing book edits for self published authors, quick turn around at a discounted price, would anyone be interested? And yes, I left the hyphen out of “self-published.” Oops. That’s why people need copyeditors. Like me. Let me be your copyeditor.

I’m specifically offering discounted work for two main reasons:

1) I’ve heard self-published authors talk about the high cost of editors and how it can be hard to justify that cost for a self-published book. And it can get expensive. Like a couple thousand min for a 400pg book. I know I wouldn’t be able to pay that much.

But also, I’m offering at a discount because 2) I need to build a portfolio of work/author recs. A lot of the copyediting work I did in the past was as a tutor. So for confidentiality purposes, I don’t even know whose work I was editing.

But I need to start earning an income, and editing is the work that I know.

Even in CW workshops, I enjoyed editing classmates’ writing more than I did writing my own. Weird, I know. So if anyone is in need of copyediting but is unable to spend a whole lot on it, and is willing to give me a shot and help me start building a body of work, please let me know.

If you need some editing work done, you can email me at slightlylessthaninsane@yahoo.com.

Right now I am offering basic proofreading and general copyediting.

Current rates:
Basic proofreading – $1/ page
General Copyedit – $2/page

A “page” is considered to be 250 words.

Basic proofreading will consist of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typo corrections.

General copyediting is proofreading + checking for timeline errors, continuity, clarity, & consistent character/setting descriptions.

Also, I’m setting a minimum fee of $50. So if you have a short 40 page story you want proofread, that’s fine but it will still be $50.

To clarify, I count a page as 250 words, so if you prefer price quote/word, it’s 0.004/word proofreading and 0.008/word copyediting.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all there is to it. If you need some copyediting done let me know; if you know somebody who needs work done, please send them my way.