So we’ve established that there are a plethora of things that can just crush my inspiration and initiative. But I’ve also been fighting through that fog and trying to get some work done.

But in the past couple of weeks, the drive to get things done (and ideas for new things to do) has come roaring back. In a muscle car. Like Vin Diesel. giphy

And I’m less a passenger in the car and more a Pepsi can on the highway getting blown around in his wake.

Basically, I woke up this morning and the voice inside my head was screaming “LET’S GO COME ON I WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS!”

It’s wonderful to feel this way; you’re energized and ready to go, and basically riding a high of euphoria. But therein lies the danger. What goes up must come down and all that.

I don’t want to immediately try to accomplish everything and burn myself out within the next week or two. I also would rather not become so overwhelmed with everything I want to do that I end up accomplishing nothing because I can’t stay focused on one thing long enough to finish it.

These are some of the times that I absolutely depend on planners and to-do lists. That way I can make sure I keep track of everything I want to do without losing sight of everything I need to do, and if I don’t get to a “want” item, I know that I will remember it later. (You see, “fibro fog” has a tendency to make me just forget things, so when I think of something I want to do, now my brain wants me to frantically finish it before I forget it. It sucks.)

Now that I’ve thought about it, I also want to either do a post or a video on how I manage my planners. There’s a blue million different methods out there, mine is just one more way to help the chronically scatter-brained. So I’ll add that to the list and get to work.

Oh, and happy Monday!